Minutes to 2011 meetings

Starting this year we will be changing the format of the meetings. There will be a “brown bag” meeting from 5:00 – 7:00 but you do not have to be there at 5:00, all persons coming any time after 5:00 will be welcome. During these discussions help for new genealogists or discussions for those that have a “brick wall” will be offered. We are here to help and share.

February 23 – Brown Bag – Finding what’s not on the Internet
Speaker – Roni Sionakides on“Just When You Thought You Had Your Family Figured Out: Quaker Genealogy.”
MINUTES February 23 2011

March 23 -Brown Bag – Planning for genealogy trips
Group Discussion – “Breaking Down Brick Walls”. Before the meeting, send a 2-3 paragraph description of your “brick wall” and approaches attempted to break it to raference1@comcast.net. Include your contact information. At the meeting, we’ll distribute copies to attendees and address as many problems as possible.

April 27 –
Speaker – Dirk Schweitzer on “Using DNA Tests to Help with Genealogy.”
Rescheduled from September 2010. A highly knowledgeable resource on a very popular and interesting topic
MINUTES April 2011

May 25 –
Panel Presentation: “Personal Experiences with DNA” – a panel of MMGS members, including Judy Pfaff, Shirley Reed and Earl Watt, will describe their own use of DNA analysis, what new information it provided and cautions on what and what not to expect.

June 22 – Potluck Dinner and Annual Meeting
Speaker: Jesse Lasorda – “The Higgins Boys” – The story of four brothers from Lansing in World War I. Jesse will also comment on the interesting path his research took him.
MINUTES June 22 2011

No meetings in July and August

September 28  Speaker: Roni Sionakides on “Finding Your Huguenot Ancestors”
MINUTES September 28 2011

October 26Group Discussion –My Latest Genealogy Successes – and New Sources.  There will also be a video on The Granite Mountain – the Utah LDS treasure-house of storage for genealogical records.
MINUTES October 26 2011

Please send your name and a few notes on what you will be sharing
to Jim LaLone at jimmypnl@gmail.com

November 16  “Mid-day meeting at the Family History Center, 431 E. Saginaw in East Lansing.” Use entrance in back. We will meet at 1:30 pm.  Jim LaLone will be available to help with French-Canadian research and Joanne Harvey will assist with English research. A tour will be included.

No meetings in December and January

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