Organizing your Genealogy

Below are links to help you organize your genealogy. There are various aspects of genealogy research covered by the different links, some offer forms, some refer to hard copy material, some refer to computer genealogy programs. There is probably no one perfect way to organize your genealogy (using notebooks, files, color coding, etc.), you will have to read through the various options/suggestions and determine what works best for you. The first two listing include books covering the subject which get into more details on organization. Have fun.,1607,7-140-54504_18635_51181-167435–,00.html—Part-I—Bringing-Order-to-Chaos-in-Your-Archive&id=3039240,guid,e76c7d3f-9817-4383-8557-52bc386be1e7.aspx

ORGANIZING YOUR GENEALOGY:,1607,7-140-54504_18635_51181-167435–,00.html—Part-I—Bringing-Order-to-Chaos-in-Your-Archive&id=3039240,guid,e76c7d3f-9817-4383-8557-52bc386be1e7.aspx

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