Meetings are at 7:00 pm and held the fourth Wednesday of the month, We meet at Family History Center, 431 E Saginaw St, East Lansing, MI 48823 The November meeting is held a week earlier.

No MMGS meetings are held in January, July, August, and December.

Meetings for 2018

January 24      Informal meeting if there is interest.

February 28   Chris Shafer – Finding German Ancestry.

March 28         Genealogy Trivia, conducted by Ken Howe, test your genealogy knowledge and have fun.

April 25           Jessica Trotter – TBA

May 23             Dan Earl – Cleaning Gravestones

June  27          

Katherine Willson is back on for the June meeting. Her topic is “The Voyage to America”. Here is the byline:
Learn how our immigrant ancestors prepared for travel to the U.S., and what restrictions they faced with regards to American immigration laws & quota acts.  We will also discuss the details of their journey to a port of departure, ticket costs, length of journeys, ship accommodations, and sources for obtaining specific information for the time-period during which our ancestors traveled.


September 26; a member of the LOM Staff who is going to teach us about LOM resources.

October 25:

November Because of Thanksgiving the meeting is being held Nov. 15, 2017, 7 pm to 10 pm.

Program Topic:

 Open to the public.


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